‘Nepal’s cement industries can export cement worth Rs 200 billion per annum’

Cement Manufacturing Association has requested the government to create an environment conducive for the investment to avert negative impacts on the entire sector.

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Cement Manufacturing Association, an umbrella organization of cement manufacturers in Nepal, has claimed that Nepal has a huge potential of exporting cement to the international market.

Issuing a press release on Sunday, the Association said that the domestic manufacturers have the capacity of producing 25 million tons of cement annually. The actual annual production is largely compromised due to Covid-19, says the statement. “Factories have been producing only 30 percent due to the Covid-19 situation.”

 There is a huge potential for the export of cement in the Indian market and domestic cement industries have the capacity to export cement worth Rs 200 billion annually, claims the statement.  Currently, a total of 65 factories are operational and they have, directly and indirectly, generated around 200,000 employments, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, the Association has also expressed dissatisfaction over the recent allegations of corruption on mine extraction. 

Industries have not extracted limestones within the limit of the government’s approval and all factories have been paying due royalty to the concerned government agencies, reads the statement. ‘Royalty of extraction of mines has already been received by the Department of Mines and Geology and industries have also paid charges required to pay to the local agencies.’

Since manufacturers have followed all the government procedures, it is not justifiable to file a case of corruption against manufacturers, says the Association. 

Baseless allegations against the industry will not only discourage investors but also create negative impacts among them. Thus, concerned authorities should create an environment conducive for the investment, appeals the Association.