Oppo introduces Air Glass with wing design and self-designed spark micro projector

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Kathmandu: Oppo has unveiled the Oppo Air Glass at INNO Day 2021.

The groundbreaking aR (assisted Reality) device – equipped with Oppo self-developed spark micro projector, cutting-edge micro-LED, and a bespoke diffraction optical waveguide display – supports four different user interactions through touch, voice, head movement, and hand motion, allowing users to have faster and easier access to the information they need, Oppo said in a statement.

“Oppo has been exploring the possibilities of Extended Reality (XR) for a long time, and with Air Glass, we have finally created a smart glass product that is truly within the reach of consumers,” said Levin Liu, Oppo Vice President and Head of OPPO Research Institute. “As its futuristic design suggests, Oppo Air Glass is set to revolutionize the way we view and consume information. The easy-to-use display can present key messages we need right in front of our eyes. With OPPO Air Glass, the world will never look the same again.”

Oppo Air Glass is built around a groundbreaking monocle waveguide design. Based on Oppo’s distinctive design philosophy, Air Glass features free-flowing curves, which give birth to its lightweight and minimalist appearance. With a total weight of approximately 30g, Oppo Air Glass is one of the lightest monocle waveguide devices in the industry and can be worn much like a pair of regular glasses, reads the statement.

Self-developed spark micro projector finished with cutting-edge Micro LED and five high-transparency glass lenses deliver an avant-garde aR experience.

Oppo Air Glass is designed to be as accessible to as many people as possible, including users with refractive errors such as myopia and hypermetropia.

Oppo Air Glass is due to launch in Q1 2022 in the Chinese Mainland market. The device will be available in two colors black or white, along with two custom frame accessories.