Three recent Nepali music videos you should watch

Let’s be hopeful that this year we will get a lot of beautiful songs and music videos in our playlist.

Prasun Sangroula

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Kathmandu: The first month of the year saw some amazing Nepali music videos that kept the scene running in fashion. They portend well for the Nepali music scene this year. Let’s be hopeful that this year we will get a lot of beautiful songs and music videos in our playlist.

Here are three of the best Nepali music videos released in January that you should check out.

Pencil – A Nostalgia by Ujjwal Sagar 

How does it feel to meet someone you have loved since childhood after ages? Ujjwal Sagar’s ‘Pencil – A Nostalgia’ portrays that feeling.

The music video and the lyrics of the song might probably take you back to your school days. It may remind you of your childhood love, with whom you failed to express your feelings. The music video of this song, directed by Nirmal Poudel, has two different segments—one of the past, back to the school days, and another of the present. In the present, the protagonists meet each other after ages but even now they can’t express their feelings for each other.

In the first segment of the music video, child artists Aastik Poudel and Sukriti Bartaula have been featured as the protagonists whereas the second features Kiran Chand and Ujjwal Pokhrel. 

The lyrics of the song, written by Sagar himself and Roshan Adhikari, provokes nostalgia. It shows how their school life was, and their inarticulate feelings.

“Eutai school thiyo hamro / Mero seat hunthyo timro pachadi,” the song goes. “Chahincha ki timilai bhani / basirahanthey pencil tikhari” [We were in the same school / My seat was behind yours / Thinking if you would need it / I would keep sharpening the pencil.]

“Pencil- A Nostalgia’ is the portrayal of a poised past,” reads the description of the music video. “The clouds of future uncertainty, but an unapologetic present due to her presence.”

Risaune Bhaye by Sushant KC 

The song ‘Risauney Bhaye’ by singer/songwriter Sushant KC is his father’s favorite song. And the music video of it, which was released in the third week of January, is an anniversary gift to his parents. 

Directed by Anup Sapkota, the music video for Risauney Bhaye shows the ups and downs of a relationship. The couple can’t stay in the same flow. Every couple in the relationship has to go through various ups and downs and they even have conflicts. Sometimes they do not talk for long. But at the end of the day, both of them settle the conflict and give a fresh start to their relationship.

The music video features couples in relationships of various ages ranging from young ones to middle-aged and senior ones. All of those couples are going through some kind of issue. And each one is trying to convince their partner to end the fight. At the end of the music video, they are convinced and get back to a healthy relationship. The music video is also trying to show that communication is very important to enrich relationships. Without proper communication, relationships won’t work.

Ukali Orali by Sushant Ghimire 

Thousands of youth in our country are compelled to go for foreign employment to overcome struggles created by poverty. Those youths decide to go to foreign land with high hopes and dreams. But among those youths, not all can meet their dreams and hope. They are swindled by the agents or manpower agencies and could not go to the country where they dreamt of overcoming their financial sufferings. This music video of the song ‘Ukali Orali’ by Sushant Ghimire can relate to thousands of youths who went through similar situations. 

The protagonists of the music videos, Aashant Sharma and Chakra Bista, represent all those youths. Their acting skills in the music video have made the whole thing very realistic. 

Director Robin Sharma has set up two different phases in this music video that feature two different protagonists. The first phase showcases the situation when the protagonist leaves his house and comes to the city to visit the manpower office. In this phase, he gets to know that the manpower to whom he paid money turns out to be a fraud. The second phase shows his changed lifestyle.

After being deceived, he is broken emotionally and financially. Now he spends his entire day in the street. He watches the flying plane and gets desperate to travel on it.