House meeting postponed for Feb 18

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Kathmandu: The meeting today of the House of Representatives has been postponed for February 18.
Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota announced that the meeting was postponed for coming Friday after a condolence resolution on the demise of three former parliamentarians and members of the then Constituent Assembly was passed.

In the meeting, the proposal tabled by Speaker Sapkota separately was passed unanimously. The meeting also observed a minute’s silence in memory of late MPs and CA members.

Jagat Bahadur Tajpuriya, a member of the Constituent Assembly elected from the Nepali Congress in the year 2064 BS died at the age of 78 on Saturday. National Assembly member Laxmidas Manandhar, elected from the then CPN-UML in 2058 BS died at the age of 93 on January 20. Dr. Duman Singh Thapa, a member elected from the then UML in the Constituent Assembly of 2070 BS died on January 30 at the age of 63.

UML continues obstruction

The CPN-UML continued the obstruction of the meeting today as well.

Speaker Sapkota urged the protesting parliamentarians to let the meeting run, stating that the meeting was long overdue due to Covid-19. He also called for cooperation to create enabling environment to deliberate on 42 bills needed to run the State and to let the voices of the public be heard.

The parliamentarians thereafter chanted slogans and continued with their protest. The Speaker drew the attention of protesting parliamentarians about the concerns expressed by civil society, intellectuals about the ongoing disruption of the HoR.

He also appealed with the parliaments to present their agendas and issues applying the standard procedures of the parliament elected by the people. Stating that parliamentary affairs were becoming less effective due to disruption of the HoR, he said, “I make a special request. Let the parliament function. Let’s create enabling environment to run the meeting.”

The main opposition has been continuously obstructing the House meeting demanding 14 lawmakers it took action against should be dismissed.