Jalpa Coffee Club: An oasis in the heart of Lalitpur

From plating to the taste, one will not regret spending their time and money with their loved ones in this restaurant.

Anushka Nepal

  • Read Time 2 min.

Kathmandu: Located along the busy streets of Jhamsikhel, Jalpa Coffee Club is something of an antidote to the hustle and bustle of its vicinity. The outdoor space of the restaurant has a cozy, peaceful ambiance on offer–suitable for a hangout with friends, definitely, but can also be an optimal working space for people who like to work outside their office space.

This is something that can’t be said about most of Kathmandu’s mushrooming coffee places, with their cramped-up space, teeming with people. In that sense, Jalpa might just be an oasis, with its tall trees dotting the space, throwing the city’s pollution and hustle into sharp relief.

If Jalpa’s ambience is great, it has a menu to match. Not only does it provide the customer with great coffee, but it also has amazing food that will make people want to go back again and again. But it’s highlight would be the breakfast.

There are many who like to go for breakfast with good outdoor space, enjoying the morning sun and fresh air. It would be a bit of a drag if the breakfast food is not as good as the ambience. But Jalpa maintains its standards as per its ambience with its food. 

From plating to the taste, one will not regret spending their time and money with their loved ones in this restaurant. And as a cherry on top, the greenery all around also provides a nice touch as the light breeze and the smell of nature makes it even more peaceful for the ones who are enjoying their morning. 

And a breakfast seems to be incomplete without a nice sip of a beverage. Jalpa has it all covered. Not only does it have an amazing breakfast, but it also provides fascinating drinks that would make the breakfast complete. 

As for the people who enjoy their smoke, many places usually have a congested space on the back, or indoor space with low ventilation. That makes the area a bit unappealing to people who enjoy their casual cigarettes. 

But Jalpa lets them smoke in the outdoor space, where they will not have to compromise between the smoke or the ambience. Yes, there does lie a question on whether or not it is disturbing for the ones who don’t smoke. But, since it is completely outdoor, and has a lot of open space, it does not disturb the non-smokers.

At night time, it has fairy lights that light up the scene beautifully. The outdoors might get a bit chilly, but people are still willing to stay because of the great light setting.

It is not all rosy, however. Although Jalpa is a place where people might want to visit everyday, it is a bit pricey. For many, that stops them from going back to the place even when they want to.

Nevertheless, the place has managed to attract a lot of visitors because of their good food, great drinks and even better ambience. Even though it’s pricey, people don’t leave the place in disappointment. It definitely offers a bang for your bucks.