Russia-Ukraine war: A Nepali youth’s decision to fight for Ukraine winning the internet  

Russia’s aggressive invasion of Ukraine has not only taken innocent lives but also shattered people’s wish to have a better future. Some Nepali nationals have also badly suffered due to the war.

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Kathmandu: Radio Svoboda, a Ukrainian radio being operated by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, posted a short video clip on March 2. The video immediately went viral among Nepali social media users.

What is in the video?

In the video, a Nepali national named Pratap Basnet is seen supporting Ukraine and expressing his commitments to fight for Ukraine.

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“I am feeling so proud because I made a desire to stand for Ukraine,” he says. “This land belongs to Ukraine and Russia has no right to interfere with their decision.”

He went on saying: “I cannot sleep the whole night because of the situation. Because it is about humanity and human rights. I want to do something good for Ukraine because I used to work in Ukraine. I used to get food and shelter from Ukraine. That’s why it’s my responsibility, when Ukraine needs my help, I am here to join the military force.” 

“I will be proud. Until my last breath I will be fighting for Ukraine,” he concludes.

Reactions in Nepal

His decision has got mixed reactions on social media platforms. Some have criticized his decision while others have appreciated him and dubbed his move as a courageous act.

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Nepal’s former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai wrote on Twitter: “Hats off to this Nepali youth, who feels obliged to fight for Ukraine, where he works for his bread and butter, against Russian aggression! Nepal & Nepali people always stand for peace & justice & don’t hesitate to fight/join a just war against unjust war! #SolidarityWithUkraine”

“Entire Nepali is proud of You Brother. Some idiots may call it stupidity but that’s Nepali blood. Only Nepali can do that. Better to die than to live like a coward. #Nepal,” wrote a Twitter user with the username Rohitbdr99.

Likewise, a Twitter user with the username Sureshkshetri09, wrote “This is a foolish decision ever.”