Maintenance of Melamchi water project sees 60 percent progress

An aerial view of damage caused by a flood in Melamchi River to Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

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Kathmandu: The maintenance of the Melamchi Drinking Water Project that was ravaged by flood and landslide has been completed by 60 percent.

The flood and landslide that occurred on June 15 last year had caused damages to the project.

Divisional Engineer of Melamchi Drinking water Development Committee, Padma Bahadur Kunwar shared that preparation has been made to supply drinking water to the Kathmandu Valley on a temporary basis by mid-April this year.

Chinese Company Sino Hydro said that 60 percent progress has been achieved so far in clearing off the debris with the assistance of the Nepal Army (NA).

Talking to media persons at the Melamchi source site, Kunwar shared that maintenance works have come to a final stage. He further said that gate numbers 1, 9 and 38 would be used in supplying water to Kathmandu on a temporary basis.

Maintenance work of gate number 38 is underway, he further shared. As said, the project has made necessary preparation to install new gate for temporary water supply after assessing damage.

The committee said that water supply can be made by mid-April as clearance of flood and landslide debris at water source has come to a final stage.

The committee has set a target to distribute 170 million liter water to Kathmandu valley daily. But the tunnel has to be closed for four months again in the rainy season, Kunwar added.

He shared that Asian Development Bank is also carrying out a study on landslide prevention and control in the project site.

Noting that 60,000 metric tons of debris has been removed from the tunnel, he said blasting-related task has also come to a final stage. The raw soil emanated from the blasting would be used for road construction, Kunwar said. RSS