Nepal-UAE Joint Committee meeting: Nepal stressing on social security, safety of Nepali workers

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Kathmandu: A meeting of a Joint Committee of Nepal and the United Arab Emirates is taking place at Abu Dhabi today.

Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Krishna Kumar Shrestha, and Minister for Human Resources of the UAE, Dr Abdul Rahaman Abdul Manan Al Awar, would address the meeting in the inaugural session.

Joint-Secretary of the Labour Ministry, Rajeev Pokharel, would lead the Nepali delegation in the meeting of a technical group scheduled after the inaugural session.

According to the Labour Ministry, a review would be carried out regarding the implementation of the labor agreement signed between Nepal and the UAE in 2019.

Discussion would be held on various issues including social security of Nepali workers in the UAE, their safety in the workplace, arrangement of health service and insurance, skill development and increase in salary in the joint meeting.

Similarly, the meeting would also hold a discussion to resolve the problems of those Nepalis, who are in the UAE on tourist visas and stranded there.

Likewise, Minister Shrestha and Minister of the UAE, Dr Awar, are holding a meeting today itself and a discussion would be held on various issues related to the safety and welfare of the Nepali workers.

On the occasion, Minister Shrestha would discuss with his counterpart about the tourist visa and measures to resolve the problems created due to this, according to Minister Shrestha’s Secretariat.

A Nepali delegation under the leadership of Minister Shrestha had left for the UAE on Monday. Nepali Ambassador to the UAE, Krishna Prasad Dhakal, welcomed the Nepali delegation at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Minister Shrestha is scheduled to hold a discussion with the Nepali community regarding the problems faced by Nepali workers and measures to resolve them at the Nepali Embassy on Wednesday.