Bajaj launches ‘Panch Ko Punch’ offer

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Kathmandu: HH Bajaj has introduced a consumer offer “Bajaj Paanch ko Punch” for its customers on the occasion of New Year 2079. Under which customers will get a chance to win five times within the offer period.

In this scheme, customers will be eligible for Rs 1,000 discount while purchasing a new Bajaj bike as soon as they post Bajaj Paanch ko Punch’s advertisement on their Facebook page. Similarly, they will get an additional discount of up to Rs 50,000 after they visit Bajaj’s showroom and select a bike of their choice.

As soon as you decide to buy a Bajaj bike, you will get the third installment of the discount, up to Rs 100,000. The total discount will be the addition of all 3 discounts customers win in these three steps.

The offer does not stop here, if the customer prefers a Bajaj bike to their friends and family and if the referred buyer also confirms regarding the referral, the customer will get three free servicing in addition to what has already been offered to the customer.

And at the end of the scheme, one lucky customer will get a chance to win a bumper prize of Rs one million. Making a total of 5 opportunities to win throughout the scheme period for each customer. Thus overall, the scheme has been dubbed as “Punch of Five” as it offers a total of five chances of winning, i.e. while thinking of buying the bike, while looking for the bike in the showroom, after buying the bike, by referring it to someone and eventually by winning a bumper prize.

According to the company, during this New Year, Bajaj has decided to give its customers a great chance to win big prizes.