Meet a woman entrepreneur who delivers quality fashion to all

GSK Versatile Boutique–an outlet first opened in India and now in Kupondole, Lalitpur–caters to the needs of not just brides and grooms, but also offers a broad range of clothing for men, women and kids.

Sumitra Karki

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Goma Tiwari is a shining entrepreneur and the owner of GSK Versatile Boutique based in Kupondole, a street known for high-end goods and products. 

Elegant decor and contemporary vibes render her showroom so welcoming. In a city already crowded with fashion stores, Tiwari is standing tall, providing tailored clothing with the finest touch. “I want to stand out and provide a unique experience to all my customers,” Goma shares her vision with a smile.

As people want to feel unique during special occasions, Goma offers the finest tailored clothes with a personal touch. “I believe a boutique is a place where fashion should meet art,” she told Nepal Live Today.

Journey to entrepreneurship 

Born and raised in Simara, a southern city of Nepal, Tiwari never imagined that she would one day become a fashion and apparel entrepreneur. An ace student, Tiwari, who saw the financial difficulties of people at a young age, always dreamed of becoming a doctor to serve the poor. 

But due to several reasons, Tiwari failed to study medicine. However, destiny had other plans for Tiwari, which she had never imagined. 

Tiwari got enrolled at Thakur Ram Campus in Birgunj for an intermediate degree majoring in English literature. Then, she completed her undergraduate from the Mahendra Ratna Campus in  Kathmandu majoring in English. 

During a break after undergrad, Tiwari made a bold decision to move out of her comfort zone. An English lit undergrad then, she went to India to pursue a degree in fashion designing. 

“I was always motivated to try something new, and come out of my comfort zone,” she shares. The decision, according to Tiwari, was the life-changing one in her career.

Taking such a bold decision was a tough job for Tiwari. But, according to her, family support played a crucial role to pursue what she wanted in life. “My husband was so supportive. He motivated me to go for what I wanted,” she said. “The support from family, I now feel, plays a crucial role.”

She graduated from the International Institute of Fashion Technology (IIFT) North Delhi Campus. And that, it seemed, also decided what she would do in the days to come.

GSK Versatile Boutique

Life was going well for Tiwari in India, but she wanted to live with her family in Nepal. So she came back to Nepal. 

“Initially, I was thinking of starting a women’s store. But later, I realized that we should not limit fashion to the domain of women.” 

“By the time I returned to Nepal, I had already established GSK Versatile Boutique in India, she shares. “GSK Versatile Boutique was first founded and opened at South Extension-II New Delhi, India back in 2019.”

“Business in New Delhi was, in a way, great risk and huge experience for me. I became familiar with the basics of boutique business in a highly competitive market,” Goma shares.

In 2020, she set up her new venture–GSK Versatile Boutique, a store known for its collections—from bridal and groom wear to party wear to everyday and ready-to-wear clothes.

“Initially, I was thinking of starting a women’s store. But later, I realized that we should not limit fashion to the domain of women. Actually, men too want to look different and try unique apparel,” she adds.

The word versatile was chosen to depict the inherent nature of the store serving with different clothes to different gender and age groups, she says. “I believe in staving off high-street fashion to stand apart and provide a unique experience to all regardless of gender and age and the word versatile stands for it.”

Why GSK Versatile Boutique?

“Mass-produced fashion brands don’t make people feel special. It is a local apparel initiative, a bespoke store that serves tailored clothing with a personal touch,” she says.

According to her, GSK is not just a boutique in the name. It strives to provide a unique touch in every delivery GSK makes. “We want to blend clothes with art and make the customer feel proud,” says Goma Tiwari.

She believes that some events in life are memorable and customers want to remember the moment for a long with some special things. “This is where GSK Versatile Boutique can be their trusted partner to make the event special,” shares Tiwari. 

“We want to blend clothes with art and make the customer feel proud.” 

As a professional fashion designer who is familiar with the fashion style in the Indian subcontinent, Goma gives a combination of modern as well as traditional flavor in her clothes.

“We should first be clear about the nature of the function and event before designing a dress. In each product, we give a vibrant, sophisticated, and elegant touch.”

Products and prices

GSK Versatile Boutique offers literally everything, says Goma laughing. GSK Versatile Boutique is a place where an entire family can get service, with designs that are unique, appealing, and dreamy.

We offer a range of customized and personalized products for men, women, and kids, she says. “Quality fabrics, finest finishing and unique artists’ works are our specialties.”

According to her, GSK Versatile Boutique currently offers not only bridal and groom dresses but also Kurtis, one-piece gowns, bridal groom dresses, jumpsuits and summer suits, among others. 

When asked if the price is higher in the boutiques, she laughed. “It’s a myth. Boutiques are not too expensive. At GSK Versatile, the price for products is reasonable, and affordable too,” she says. 

“We are providing products at a reasonable price,” she claims, urging people to visit her store and try her designs. “I will provide the best designs at an affordable rate.”

Beyond the boutique 

Apart from running a boutique, Goma Tiwari has proved her fashion prowess on the runway too.

After graduating from IIFT North Delhi Campus, she participated in fashion and modeling events. She has designed some prestigious South Asia events such as the Delhi Times fashion show 2017, Asian Designer Week 2018, 2019 and 2020.

In Nepal, she has already made her name in some of the prestigious fashion shows and modeling events both as a fashion designer and judge.

DIMF Runway Week, 2020, Miss Pacific Kathmandu, 2021, Mr and Miss Pacific Lumbini, 2021, Runway Model Superstar S-II, 2021 and Mr and Miss Model of the Year 2022 are some of the events she was associated with.

She says that GSK Versatile Boutique is where one should not miss visiting. Her request to all potential customers: “If you’ve not been to GSK Versatile Boutique before, then you should visit our store where your dream meets with reality.”