Nepal’s Tourism Minister invites Salman Khan to climb Mt Everest

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Nepal’s Minister for Tourism Prem Ale held a virtual conversation with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on Wednesday.

During the conversation, Minister Ale requested Salman Khan to help promote tourism in Nepal. Minister Ale told Salman Khan that he was a big fan and invited the actor to climb Mt Everest.

“Thank you, Minister, for the invitation. Of course, I will climb Mt. Everest, albeit slowly,” Khan said during the conversation with Minister Ale.

Recalling that he came to Nepal for the shooting of a film, Khan said that he did not get a chance to come to Nepal after that. “I am happy that my entire team is coming to Nepal,” he said.

Khan is scheduled to visit Nepal on May 28 for a musical tour.