Actor Paul Shah remanded to custody on rape charge until final verdict 

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Actor Paul Shah has been remanded to custody until a final decision on a rape case filed against him.

A bench of Judge Harish Chandra Dhungana at Tanahun District Court on Thursday ordered that Shah should stay in custody until the court passes a final decision.

The Tanahun District Public Prosecutor’s Office had filed a rape case against Shah demanding the accused should be sentenced to 12 to 14 years imprisonment as per the law. Half of the sentence was demanded against Shah’s manager Krishna Joshi accusing him of being an accomplice in the offense.

Shah, who has been accused of raping a minor, surrendered to police on January 27 after a 17-year-old singer filed a case against him.

The minor singer had filed a rape complaint against Shah at the District Police Office, Tanahun. The singer, in her complaint, had said that 32-year-old Shah had raped her with a false promise of marriage. Another rape case has been against Shan at Nawalpur District Court.

Nepal’s artists, YouTubers and social media users have divided on the issue. Hundreds of YouTube content have been uploaded apparently as a trick for clickbait. Most of the content have breached the principle of confidentiality and respect the privacy of both parties.