ActionAid Nepal conducts its 18th national social audit

Saroj Pokhrel, Program Policy Head of ActionAid Nepal, speaking at the program.

NL Today

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Kathmandu: ActionAid Nepal (AAN) conducted its 18th National Social Audit on Friday in Kathmandu. In the program, ActionAid Nepal also presented and discussed the AAN program cost, inventions, effectiveness, and achievements of the programs conducted in 2021.

Saroj Pokhrel, Program Policy Head of ActionAid Nepal presented ActionAid’s achievements in the year 2021, while Finance and Administration Head Kumar Jung Thakuri shared the financial statistics (income and expenditure) of 2021. AAN’s annual budget for the year 2021 was NPR 360,167,000 of which NPR 368,092,000 was spent. The majority of the total budget was spent on program activities (84 percent), while remaining three percent was spent on fundraising, one percent in governance followed by 12 percent in office support.

Representatives of government agencies, working communities, media, national and international civil society organizations and partners of ActionAid Nepal participated in the program.  

To ensure accountability and transparency at the local level since 2002 and at the national level since 2004, ActionAid Nepal has been organizing regular social audits every year. For the past 40 years, ActionAid Nepal has been working for poverty alleviation, social justice, equality and equality by adopting the human rights approach for the rights, interests and upliftment of the poor and marginalized people in Nepal.

“ActionAid Nepal has been playing a supportive role in various parts of the country for enhancing the capacity of the vulnerable and marginalized community by coordinating, cooperating, and partnering with the government, social network and alliance and civil society,” said the statement released by ActionAid Nepal.