Ministry of Finance calls for suggestions on upcoming budget

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Ministry of Finance has requested one and all to provide their suggestions for the preparation of the budget for the coming Fiscal Year 2022/23. To this end, the ministry has launched toll-free number 1138 to collect suggestions and recommendations.

The Ministry of Finance, which is engaged in the preparation of the budget for the coming year, has introduced the toll-free number 1138 in an effort to address the budget by collecting suggestions from experts and representatives of the concerned sectors. According to the ministry, the public can make suggestions by calling during office hours.

Provision has also been made to submit suggestions by clicking on ‘Budget Suggestion’ on the website of the ministry and also through email.

In order to make the budget and programs more effective and workable, suggestions from industrialists, businessmen, intellectuals, politicians, social workers, professionals, media persons, the general public, and all stakeholders will be important.

The ministry has already collected suggestions for policies, programs and budgets from agriculture, education, banks, financial institutions and insurance sector, private sector, economists and others. The ministry is organizing up to two discussions a week and collecting suggestions on the budget from experts in various fields and from representatives of stakeholders.