Election Commission issues directives to compulsorily field woman candidate

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Election Commission has issued directives for the upcoming local polls mentioning that a political party contesting for only the post of either chief or deputy chief of a municipal should compulsorily field a woman candidate.

There is a chance that the representation of women at the local level will decline as the existing legal provision will not apply to fielding candidates from different parties. The ruling alliance has decided to forge an electoral alliance in the upcoming polls.

The directive issued by the commission mentions that representation of people from inclusive groups should be ensured to the fullest.

The commission has also reminded political parties of provisions in Article 38 (4), Article 42(1) and Article 47 of the constitution.

Article 38(4) of the constitution states that women shall have the right to participate in all bodies of the state on the basis of the principle of proportional inclusion.

Likewise, Article 42(1) mentions that the socially backward women, Dalit, indigenous people, indigenous nationalities, Madhesi, Tharu, minorities, persons with disabilities, marginalized communities, Muslims, backward classes, gender and sexual minorities, youths, farmers, laborers, oppressed or citizens of backward regions and indigent Khas Arya shall have the right to participate in the state bodies on the basis of inclusive principle.

Article 47 states that the state shall, as required, make legal provisions for the implementation of the rights conferred by this part, within three years of the commencement of this constitution.