Don’t force anyone to withdraw candidacy: Election Commission

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Election Commission (EC) has drawn the attention of all not to force anyone to withdraw the nomination registration for the upcoming local-level elections.

Stating it has information about the use of such tactics as use of force, threats, holding captive, intimidation and persuasion in a bid to compel candidates to take back the nominations, it has urged one and all not to indulge in such practice.

In a press statement today, the EC said, “Such activities will curtail the inalienable and legal rights of Nepali citizens to participate in politics, file a candidacy, to get elected in the election and to engage in the governance system. Hence, the EC urges all bodies concerned not to carry out and cause to carry out any activities capable of impacting the election procedures.”

As the EC said, those filing their nomination on April 24 and 25 for the May 13 elections could withdraw their candidacy from the respective Office of the Election Officer by 5 pm on Friday.

But a notification in writing is required to take back the candidacy after the publish of the names of the candidates.

The EC has urged the entire political parties, and their candidates to contribute and to fully abide by the Constitution and laws and independent indents to decide self whether to move back from the race or not. It has also reminded all the stakeholders concerned not to repeat such moves.