Sparrow SMS launches Sparrow Voice Broadcasting Service

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Sparrow SMS, a leading messaging service provider in Nepal, has launched Sparrow Voice Broadcasting Service.

The company said it in a press release it is the sophisticated version of the most popular bulk SMS system, has been introduced by Sparrow.

Sparrow Voice can assist an individual or an organization in broadcasting its message in audio format to a large number of people at once through a phone call.

People and businesses from various groups can now easily deliver their messages or information to the target group with this automated method, reads the release.

Whether it’s an election candidate or a business, they can easily apply Sparrow Voice to spread information about their campaign, products, services, or any invitation to a large number of people, according to the company.

An audio file can be recorded in any language and in own voice, which aids in segmenting the target audience and delivering information in a more personalized manner, the company stated.