Mother’s Day being marked today

People offering prayer and tribute to their mothers on the occasion of Mata Tirtha Aunsi. (File photo/RSS)

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Kathmandu: Mother’s Day is being observed by paying homage to mothers across the country today.

As per the tradition, off-springs wake up early in the morning, take bath and worship their mothers by giving presents and goodies to their mothers.

The day falls on the Matatirtha Aunsi. Those who do not have their mothers reach Matatirtha in Chandragiri Municipality to pay tribute to the departed souls of their mothers. Devotees flock to the Matatirtha pond, take a holy dip and observe the day by offering alms to the poor. Likewise, the residents of Bhaktapur perform rituals at Hanumanghat in memory of their departed mothers.

The fair that used to be held at Matatirtha in commemorating the departed souls of mothers had been put off for the last two years after the coronavirus pandemic. The municipality said this year the fair would take place with the sharp decline in the coronavirus infection rate.

Those who are far from home also take to social media to remember their mothers.