Dying river: After an hour of rain, a river was seen loaded with trash (with video)

Our rivers are filled with sewage, plastic bottles, silver cans, human waste, discarded home appliances, offal, and construction waste. The situation has raised a question: what will be the cost of this situation to the Kathmandu's livelihood and civilization?

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Kathmandu: In most of the rivers in the Kathmandu Valley, sewage and trash are a bitter reality.

On Monday, Kathmanduites witnessed the same situation. After an hour of rain, everything thrown on the river shores was flowing.

It’s an issue brought up year after year, leading to public outcry for a few weeks, and then is again swept under the rugs.

Despite all the efforts by the people and various organizations to control water pollution, it’s still as dire an issue as in the past.

As the local election is approaching, it is an appropriate time to question if people’s representatives consider this issue seriously.

In the video captured by Nepal Live Today, Dhobikhola River was seen loaded with plastic bottles, polythene bags and other trash.