Enough is Enough:  Keshav, Stop it!

Dr Pragati Ghimire

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A new dawn is heralding in Kathmandu!
Pleasant zephyr of change is whistling too!

The new generation is far woke
Old school shackles it long broke!
“Enough is Enough” shouts the pleader
Awakened ‘Mandu wants a new leader!

Gone are the days of monarchy
Gone are the days of anarchy
No more,
Misogyny and chauvinism
Communalism or communism
Nepotism or favoritism

K’town People  want rights not riots
Democracy not autocracy
Correction not corruption
Integrity not Chameleonism

Have some decency,
 in town halls when you meet
Folks are fed up,
Enough is enough, Keshav stop it!

Kathmandu wants someone woke n new,
Not some rehash from era bygone,
Your slogans and talking points, just won’t do it,
Enough is enough, please stop it!

Just because you’re a woman ,it’s not gonna cut it.
Old days were not so great,
History proves it.
Your scheming and plotting, we all can see it
Politics of division, you just have to stop it.
People are enlightened now, your fake truths they won’t have it.

If someone says #MeToo, you gotta believe it,
If you did not do it, you’re the one to prove it
Enough is enough,
Keshav stop it!

Dr Pragati Ghimire is a health policy expert and rights activist.