Nepali Congress takes action against rebel candidates

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Nepali Congress has started taking action against rebel candidates, who have filed candidacy against the official candidates of the party as well as candidates supported by the NC in the local-level election scheduled for May 13, their proposers and supporters

The party has been collecting details of such persons as such candidates, proposers and supporters would be removed from the party membership as well as would be expelled from the party for five years automatically as per the party’s statute.

Issuing a press release, NC Chief Secretary Krishna Prasad Poudel mentioned that the party’s Disciplinary Committee with the help of the party’s candidates at the local level could immediately expel rebel candidates, their proposers and supports, those involved in the publicity of candidates of other parties from membership during the election period.

He also requested all members of the party to involve actively in favor of official candidates of the party and candidates supported by the party to make them victorious in the election.

The NC has directed the district working committees to send the name list of rebel candidates, their proposers and supports as well as authorized and verified details of the final name list of candidates, proposers and supporters published by the Election Commission at the center.