Transportation of ballot papers completed: Election Commission

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The Election Commission (EC) has said transportation of the ballot papers to the Office of the Chief Returning Officer in all 77 districts has been completed.

The EC had loaded the ballot papers in the vehicles along with the security provision on April 26 from Janak Education Material Centre Limited in Bhaktapur where the ballot papers were printed. In some districts, the ballot papers were supplied in helicopters too.

Printing Officer at EC Baburam Koirala said the ballot papers would be transported to the concerned local levels soon from the Office of the Chief Returning Officer. The EC had printed a total of 20.07 million ballot papers based on the details of the candidates’ nominations and election symbols.

Likewise, the offices of the EC in the districts and provinces have started training the polling offices and assistant polling offices in the contents fixed by the EC.

Similarly, the offices of the EC are working on the security provision, monitoring for implementation of the election code of conducts, sample voting program and others.

Security personnel have been mobilized in the required number in all districts and local levels and additional forces are kept in ready position and would be deployed immediately as per the need.

It is stated that the distribution of the voter’s identity card and activities of voting education is being carried out these days.