EC issues directives for installing CC cameras at all vote counting stations

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Kathmandu: The Election Commission (EC) has made arrangements for compulsorily installing CC cameras at the vote counting stations in all the 753 local levels.

According to the EC, the CC cameras have been managed aimed at preventing unwarranted activities during the vote counting and thereby reducing disputes.

Moreover, the installation of CC cameras at the vote counting stations will ensure transparency in vote counting and make it secure. It will also be useful for the purpose of electronic archiving in case any dispute arises in course of the vote counting. 

The EC had, through the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, sent a circular to all the local levels in that connection. 

EC spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Poudel said the cameras would be installed in all the local levels by today or tomorrow. The devices have been set up at total 350 local levels before this.

The EC has instructed 50 local levels that had installed CC cameras not compatible to its VMS system on their own to manage CC cameras that are compatible to the system. They have been directed to carry out this task by May 12.

The constitutional body with the responsibility of conducting elections has issued this directive to the District administration Office and the local level election officers.

Arrangements have been made so that the situation at all the vote counting stations can be directly observed from the EC’s office at Bahadur Bhawan in Kathmandu. The EC believes that doing this will enhance the credibility of the election and help prevent any unwarranted activities during the vote counting.