Swoopna Suman ties the knot with Jyotsna Yogi

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Kathmandu: Singer Swoopna Suman and actress and model Jyotsna Yogi have joined the list of celebrities getting hitched this year after Keki Adhikari, Barsha Siwakoti and Rekha Thapa.

Swoopna Suman recently got married to his girlfriend Jyotsna Yogi in a ceremony that was only attended by close friends and family members. Suman and Yogi had been dating out of the public eye for four years and fans only found out after the marriage ceremony when they made it public on social media on May 6. The actual marriage ceremony took place two days earlier.

The announcement of their marriage was done through Swoopna Suman’s newly-released song “Baacha Bhayo” which was released on YouTube on May 6. The video shows Suman proposing to Yogi as well as the wedding ceremony. Yogi also shared photos of the ceremony on social media captioning them “overwhelmed and happy. I love this guy”. Fans were delightfully surprised and a lot of good wishes started flowing in for the newly-wed couple.

Yogi has starred in Swoopna Suman’s music videos—”Timro Ra Mero Kura” and “Timro Ankha” among others and both have collaborated together on a web series called “LoveCloseup” as well.

The music video featuring their marriage ceremony had an endearing message that read “being able to love someone with all my heart and being able to receive the same is a very special feeling. I feel blessed to have found a partner like jojo who has always been my biggest strength since day one! After four beautiful years of togetherness, we got married with the blessings of our close friends and family on May 4th, 2022. I am sharing this song I wrote for her and our special day. Seeking nothing but love and blessings from all of you.”