Bibeksheel Sajha Party Chairman Rabindra Mishra resigns

Mishra said he tendered his resignation from the post of the party’s chairman on the ground of morality, taking full responsibility for the polls results.

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Kathmandu: Chairman of Bibeksheel Sajha Party Rabindra Misha has resigned on Wednesday following a poor performance by the party in the recently-held local elections.

“I would like to inform that I have tendered resignation from the post of chairman on the ground of morality, taking full responsibility for the results of the elections, despite selfless and devoted efforts as the coordinator and later as the chairman of the party for the last five years,” Mishra said in a press release. “As a party’s leader, I have to bear the responsibility for not being able to obtain good results although our candidates were honest and competent.”

Mishra said he will be associated with the party as a general member.

The party’s Central Working Committee and Central Committee will take a decision on how to take the party ahead after in-depth discussions and reviews, he added.

The party had won only in Feta Rural Municipality of Bara district. Other candidates of the party showed a miserable performance in municipals including Kathmandu.

Mishra has also thanked the party leaders and members who were dedicated to building the party consistently even when the party was in an adverse condition in the last five years and all the well-wishers from within the country and outside who physically, morally, and financially supported the party.

Stating that several parties and their leaders have nowadays started espousing and voicing the major agendas and slogans raised by Bibeksheel Sajha Party, Mishra said the nation’s transformation would not be possible until the major issues raised by Bibeksheel Sajha are addressed.