Banchare Danda locals agree to allow garbage disposal

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Ending a series of discussions and even the protests of the local community, an 18-point agreement has been signed among the agitating locals, people’s representatives and Kathmandu Metropolitan City for the waste management of the Kathmandu Valley at Banchare Danda Kudule Landfill Site in Sisdole.

As per the late night deal, the waste from the Kathmandu Valley would be managed in the landfill site only in the nighttime. As agreed, the affected area would be classified after conducting a scientific study, the unpleasant odor in the landfill site would be reduced and sewage leakage from the garbage carrying trucks would be managed within a month. Chairpersons of ward no. 1, 2 and 3 of Kakani Rural Municipality of Nuwakot and ward no. 1 and 3 of Dhunibensi Municipality of Dhading district have signed the agreement on behalf of affected site.

Likewise, Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra Shah, Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol and Chief Administrative Officer have also signed the agreement. Prior to this, garbage collection was stalled after the obstruction from the Sisdole folks despite the Minister for Urban Development, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Kakani Rural Municipality in Nuwakot and Dhunibesi Municipality in Dhading agreed to resume waste collections in the Kathmandu Valley by signing an 11-point deal on Monday evening.

Following the obstructions from the locals, the garbage from the Kathmandu Valley is piled up for 13 days on.