The joy of paddy plantation: Nepal celebrates National Paddy Day (in pics)

Manish Aryal

  • Read Time 2 min.

Kathmandu: The National Paddy Day and paddy plantation festival are being marked across the nation on Wednesday. Monsoon’s arrival has increased farmers’ enthusiasm and happiness and they are seen slaving away in the fields, planting paddy saplings in the hopes of a good harvest.

Every year, the 15th of Asar in the Lunar Calendar is celebrated as National Paddy Day. This year, the 19th National Paddy Day and Plantation Festival, 2022 is being celebrated under the slogan ‘Utilization of Biodiversity in Paddy Crops, Support to Import Substitution’.

A ministerial decision made on December 14, 2004, declared Asar 15 to be National Paddy Day in Nepal, which was celebrated beginning in 2005.