Janata Samajwadi Party row: Yadav, Bhattarai agree to part ways

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Janata Samajwadi Party leaders Upendra Yadav and Baburam Bhattrai who had been running parallel factions in the party have agreed to part ways.

The leaders have concluded that they will not be in the party together with the growing differences failing to settle. A leader close to Bhattarai faction said that during a meeting held on Wednesday, the leaders decided to part ways in a peaceful manner.

“We had set out a mission to form an alternative force. But the things failed to materialize,” said the leader.

Saying that Yadav had been making unilateral decisions in the party, the JSP leaders close to Bhattrai had piled pressure to adopt a collective decision-making process. The leaders said Yadav retracted for a short duration but started making the unilateral decision again.

The number of central leaders in each faction is as-yet-unclear if the party heads for a split. Earlier it was said that Bhattarai had a majority in the executive committee and the parliamentary party. Leaders of the Yadav faction claim that the equation has now changed.