New music video by Sacar aka Lil Buddha creates a buzz

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Sacar Adhikari, a popular Nepali rapper and performer renowned by his stage name Lil Buddha, has released a new music video titled “No Peace in Love” featuring Starboi Virgin. The music video has created a buzz in the musical fraternity, garnering around a million views in just three days.

The music video is very stylized, with the use of dynamic cinematography, aesthetic filters, flashy camerawork as well as a great wardrobe and fashion showcase. The backdrops of the music video are very scenic, and the whole music video has an air of youthful carelessness.

The music video is currently the number one trending for music on YouTube in Nepal. Social media is flooded with praise for the smoothly flowing lyricism and stunning visual aesthetics of the video.

Adhikari is an Australia-based artist of Nepali origin. His career gained a boost via Raw Barz; he has seen plenty of success both in the Nephop and international circles thereafter. His most popular songs include King of Nephop, 100, and Kabja, among others. He has also collaborated with some heartthrob rappers in Nephop including Unik Poet.

Adhikari has had his fair share of controversies, but his impressive talent as an artist and a rapper cannot be denied. The song is a part of the album “Ecstasy in the Palace”.