Guru Purnima: The most influential Gurus in our lives

Our lives are filled with learning. From the day we are born, we learn from others. We meet people, build connections, find mentors and get advice from them.

Pralhad Gairapipli

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Gurus not only teach us but also believe in us. Gu and Ru are the root words of the word Guru. Gu in Sanskrit means darkness or ignorance, and Ru means remover. The word Guru can be described as one who removes the darkness of ignorance from our lives. It is common for people to view their Gurus as the most meaningful part of their lives. This is the day when disciples pay homage to their Gurus by performing pooja.

Learn from everyone

Our lives are filled with learning. From the day we are born, we learn from others. We meet people, build connections, find mentors and get advice from them. In fact, every person that we meet knows something we do not know. The people we cross paths with in our lives have something to teach us if we are open to gaining knowledge from them. They have explained everything to us in the most efficient way possible. They have imparted to us all the basic manners and etiquettes of discipline, punctuality, kindness and empathy. They encouraged us to be fearless.

They have empowered us to stand up for ourselves and speak out when something seems wrong. We have learned to always have faith and confidence through them.

Feeling thankful

At every turning point in our life that required guidance, we have been fortunate to have people who have served as Gurus. Our parents, brothers, sisters, wife, teachers, friends, bosses, colleagues, and even random people have pushed us forward or taught us something valuable in a short period.

Therefore, in that way we need to realize we are very thankful for having such people in our life. No matter what, all of us may not have had the same Guru, but these are the people we ought to consider as our Gurus. Moreover, all the directors we have worked with are very competent, and we need to consider them to be our Gurus as well.

Understanding one’s worth

They have guided us to know and understand our worth. They have taught us to never give up and always believe in diligent work. They have demonstrated to us the power of spirituality. They have also taught us to be independent and empowered us to make our own decisions. They have always stood behind us as a rock and will continue doing so as we face the real world.

Guru Purnima was the morning I first got in touch with my first Guru, who taught me alphabets, numbers, voices, grammar, and so on. I knew he was hospitalized, but he is recovering well and will be discharged very soon. In the afternoon, I drove to meet with my spiritual Guru in person who taught me the value of truthfulness, mental peace, brotherhood and cooperation. Later in the evening, I was able to attend a spiritual program with my childhood friends. The day was a bit busy but it was worth it because I needed it.

Stress and worry destroy the mind and body. Identify the stressors in your life and remove them from your inner sanctuary in order to reduce stress and stay healthy.

Without value for yourself, your work, your time, and your health, others will take advantage of you. Focus on valuing yourself and keep those who respect those values close to you. Cook more at home. Dining out should not be the norm, but an occasional treat every now and then is totally fine.

Place yourself first on your care list before taking on the needs of others. Taking care of yourself is just as significant as helping those around you. Reserve time to rest and be quiet. You can reenergize yourself by setting aside a day each week or time each month.

As we celebrated Guru Purnima this week, by honoring the contributions of our Gurus in our lives, we would need to thank the almighty for putting us in the hands of such people who have sacrificed endlessly for us.

Our parents instilled the highest values in us, making us the person we are today. To the ones who always guide us down the right path; wish all the Gurus, a Happy Guru Purnima. Who do you think has been the most influential Gurus in our lives? Throughout the rest of our lives, we will strive to continue to make them proud and look up to them in everything we do and achieve.