All-female-managed Ncell Center comes into operation in Maharajgunj

‘This concept is a testament to Ncell’s support to women's empowerment, gender parity, and vibrant communities.’

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Kathmandu: Ncell has brought an all-female-managed Ncell Centre into operation in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, providing all customer care service from a single touch point.

The all-female-managed Ncell Center will help level the playing field and boost a significant part in our community, Ncell said in a press release.

This concept is a testament to Ncell’s support for women’s empowerment, gender parity, and vibrant communities. Furthermore, it is aligned with the company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) mission strongly promoting, championing and encouraging DEI at the workplace, reads the statement.

Yuvraj Shrivastava, Chief Human Resource and Administration Officer of Ncell, sharing his excitement said, “We are delighted to launch a fully female-managed Ncell Centre in the heart of the city. This move will play a pivotal role in supporting Ncell’s DEI advocacy. Having strategies and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity, will help the company achieve a competitive business advantage.”

Jyoti Dahal, Customer Service Manager of Ncell, added further on this initiative, “Customer service was mostly held by men in telecoms previously. The last three-four years have seen conscious efforts to improve gender parity in the industry. If you look at the industry from a delivery perspective, the way customer experience has evolved, gender parity only helps improve our business.”

The all-female-managed center provides all customer services ranging from general enquires on products and services, SIM subscriptions, and internet settings to various enterprise services. Customers visiting the Centre can upgrade their SIM cards to 4G, change SIM and mobile number, modify CUG numbers, biz plans, international roaming, make bill payments, recharge balance, and transfer, among many other services.

On the occasion of the launching the center, customers who recharge their balance from the Maharajgunj Ncell Centre are also entitled to get a bonus on recharge of every Rs 50 for one week.
Customers who recharge their balance with Rs. 50 from the Centre get a recharge card of Rs. 20 as a bonus. For recharge of Rs. 100, customers get two recharge cards of Rs. 20. Similarly, four recharge cards of Rs. 20 will be provided to customers who recharge Rs. 200. For recharge of Rs. 500 and more from the Centre, customers get 10 recharge cards of Rs. 20.

The fully female-managed Ncell Center provides customer service from 9:30 am to 6 pm throughout the week.

Ncell operates 31 Ncell Centers across the country as a part of the company’s effort to reach out to the customers and better cater to the need of the customers locally for enhancing the customer experience.