A doctor’s desire to become Miss Universe Nepal

Dr Aayushnova Dhungana, a dermatologist, believes our skin tells our stories and it has a significant impact on how we perform and we decide to live our lives.

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Kathmandu: Aayushnova Dhungana is a medical doctor by profession but she has tried her hands in many other sectors. She has written subtitles for various international award-winning movies and documentaries and scripts for documentaries.

She featured in a patriotic song alongside numerous legendary artists and scholars such as legendary Satya Mohan Joshi.

As a doctor, she wants to provide equitable accessible health to the under-served sectors of Nepal and ensure health for all. She also wants to represent Nepal in Miss Universe.

She is preparing to participate in Miss Universe Nepal-2022. “I have been taking various training to present myself well on the Miss Universe Nepal platform,” said the doctor with dazzling beauty. “It requires complete devotion.”

The purpose, according to her, is not just to stand out as a beauty with brains in medicine.  “A Miss Universe Nepal represents the whole country on a global stage and also becomes a facilitator and catalyst of justice and change,” she said. “This is why it is important.” So what are her strengths? “Kindness, compassion and humbleness,” said her.

The goal of Aayushnova Dhungana is to become a dermatologist. “Our skin tells our stories. It has a significant impact on how we perform, and how we decide to live our lives. Our skin is not just about how we look,” said Dhungana.

Dhungana, who completed her Bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from Dhaka University, Bangladesh, says one has to put in great efforts to achieve good results.