Number of tigers double in Shuklaphanta National Park

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Kathmandu: The number of tigers in Shuklaphanta National Park has doubled. The number of tigers has increased to 36 including 16 females, 12 males and eight whose gender is not yet known, according to Acting Chief Conservation Officer of the Park Office, Manoj Iyer.

The number of endangered species has increased due to the improvement in the habitat, the sufficiency of food species, water management, complete control of poachers, and the cooperation and coordination of the residents in the buffer zone.

“The commitment of the country to double the number of tigers within the year 2022 has been fulfilled”, he said, Tiger counting was done in January earlier this year with the help of automatic cameras.

The park is known as an area where a large density of tigers is found in a small area. Since 2008, tiger counting has been going on in the park. In 2009, the number of tigers in the park was only eight. That number has increased to 36 now.

Two tigers were found dead in the park within two years. The park is spread over an area of 305 square kilometers.