FIFA World Cup 2022: Preparations complete, Qatar is waiting to welcome the world

The Qatari ambassador to Nepal expressed gratitude to Nepal and Nepalis for contributing to building infrastructures for the world cup.

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Kathmandu: The State of Qatar has said that all preparations for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which the state of Qatar is hosting in November this year, have been completed and the Arabian nation is eagerly waiting to welcome people from across the world to the biggest football event the country is hosting for the first time. Qatar will be the first Arab state to host the world cup–which is scheduled from November 21 to December 18. 

As many as eight stadiums were constructed for the purpose of hosting the World Cup. These magnificent stadiums use power from solar panel farms and have cooling systems including outdoor air conditioning, according to Yousuf Bin Mohamed Ahmed Al- Hail, ambassador of Qatar to Nepal. The ambassador said that Qatar has left no stone unturned to make the world cup events most memorable and successful. 

Speaking to a group of journalists at Qatar embassy office on Monday, the ambassador acknowledged that Nepal and Nepalis have contributed a lot for the world cup. “Qatar is thankful to Nepal and Nepalis for they were instrumental in building the stadiums,” he said. “Nepalis have helped in nation building in Qatar. People of Qatar have the highest level of respect for them.”

He also said that Qatar will do everything to ensure the happiness and well beings of Nepalis in Qatar.  

Qatar is also making an arrangement for exempting visa requirements for the people who want to visit Qatar to watch the World Cup. “They don’t need to get visas. They can travel once they buy the world cup tickets,” he said. According to him Qatar is waiting to welcome people from the world and to give them warm hospitality.