Proposal of urgent public importance on proportional representation of women tabled in Parliament

Lawmakers attend Parliament’s meeting. (File photo/RSS)

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Kathmandu: A proposal of urgent public importance has been presented at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday seeking proportional representation of women in the upcoming Province Assembly and the Federal Parliament elections.

In the meeting, lawmaker Binda Pandey said the women’s noticeable participation in legislation is highly awaited even after the six years of the implementation of the Constitution that has guaranteed women’s right to participate in all state structures and bodies on the basis of the principle of proportional inclusion.

The lawmaker drew the attention of the Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs towards ensuring 50 percent women’s candidacy towards the first-past-the-post elections of the PAs and the Federal Parliament announced for coming November 20 in a single phase so as to promote the women’s proportional participation.

“The issue of proportional inclusion established by the second 2006 People’s movement has been recognized by the Constitution. There is no noticeable achievement in regard to women’s participation in the state structures when six years have been already over since the enforcement of the Constitution (2015) and the situation suggests a need to ensure their proportional participation in the upcoming PA and Federal Parliament elections,” she said.

In response to the proposal, Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Govinda Prasad Sharma said the government is committed to removing hurdles to ensure women’s participation as enshrined by the Constitution.

He added that the government was amending and revising laws contravening the principles of gender equality and inclusion in the past and it will be continued in the days ahead, too.