“Bhraman 2022” art exhibition kicks off at Taragoan Museum and Cultural Center

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Kathmandu: Nepali actor Nikhil Upreti inaugurated the three-day “Bhraman 2022” art exhibition at the Taragoan Museum and Cultural Center on Sunday.

The artworks exhibited include acrylic and watercolor paintings capturing Nepal through its breathtaking landscapes and architecturally rich ancient temples and monasteries. The exhibition is also an amalgamation of other forms of art which include realism, and photorealism paintings extending a wide range of subject matters, such as wildlife, food, and figurative among others.

“I love art and I am always ready to promote artworks. I am very delighted to be at the exhibition showcasing 25 artworks of artists P. Singh and Rhoslyn. It is my honor to inaugurate the event”, said actor Upreti. “I used to paint as well during my childhood. I am happy to see young artists like Rhoslyn pursuing their passion for art. I see a lot of potential in her artworks.”

Artist P. Singh’s artworks have been exhibited at many events in the UK with an aim of promoting Nepal and Nepali culture through paintings.

“We are excited to host artist P. Singh. Also, we are delighted in having some of Rhoslyn’s artworks here in Nepal”, said Nirmal Kumar Thapa, Chairperson of the Nepal Center.

“I am very delighted to visit Nepal with my artworks and exhibit them. I am thankful for all of your support. Your presence has encouraged me”, said artist P. Singh, who is a Software Engineer by profession. P. Singh works at SMBC Bank in London and paints during his free time. Some of his popular software while working in Nepal earlier include ‘Typeshala’ typing tutor, ‘Thamel.com’, ‘Nepali UNICODE’ and ‘Raajmarg’- a road engineering software.

Artist P. Singh’s daughter Rhoslyn has recently completed her A-levels and is looking forward to pursuing Biomedical Engineering at a University in London from September 2022. “I am very excited to have my artworks exhibited in Kathmandu. Thanks, everyone for joining and inspiring me to do more artwork”, said the 18-year-old artist.

The exhibition runs from August 14-16 as part of its art exhibition series by Nepal Center.