Ministry of Finance takes lead to substitute LPG gas cylinders with electric stove

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Kathmandu:The Ministry of Finance (MoF) finally walked the talk when it comes to substituting the use of LPG with electric stove (popularly known as induction stove).

Minister for Finance Janardan Sharma had, while unveiling the budget for the ongoing fiscal year 2022/23 on May 29 this year, mentioned that he would make an arrangement in the budget’s point no 253 to substitute all gas cylinders with electric stoves in Singha Durbar by mid-August this year. He had announced that all other public offices and residences inside the Metropolitan cities and Sub-Metropolitan cities will be made gas cylinder-free.

Similarly, he had pledged to make the use of electric stoves nationwide gradually within the forthcoming three months from the day of announcement.

Minister Sharma today initiated the usage of electric stove in the canteen of the MoF and urged all the ministries and other public offices to follow suit. 

He instructed all the subordinate bodies to substitute LPG cylinders with the electric stove at the earliest, according to the Minister’s public relations advisor Manarishi Dhital.

A huge chunk of Nepal’s foreign currency reserve was going out while importing the LPG gas cylinders for household and industrial use.

The incumbent government addressed the issue at the policy level and adopted the policy to encourage usage of electricity and electric vehicles, and stoves as much as possible. To encourage usage of electric stove, the government has considered some concession in the tariff of electricity for those using electric stove.

Owing to various reasons, the Singha Durbar’s canteens were not able to substitute LPG gas cylinders with the electric stoves since mid-July, interrupted supply of electricity being one. 

Minister Sharma instructed to implement the provision in the budget to increase domestic consumption of electricity, said advisor Dhital.