Maoist Center fails to finalize its office-bearers again

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Kathmandu: The Maoist Center failed to finalize the names of its office-bearers on Friday as well. 

A meeting of the party’s Standing Committee held at Parisdanda failed to decide the final names of the officer bearers. 

The meeting, earlier scheduled to be held on Thursday, was postponed for Friday as an amendment bill on the Citizenship Act was tabled in the House of Representatives. 

Party Spokesperson Krishna Bahadur Mahara said that the meeting could not finalize the names as Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has a busy schedule. 

The party, on Wednesday, had proposed the names of 41 Standing Committee members.

“The party will meet at 1 pm tomorrow and finalize this matter,” Mahara said, adding that there remained no more topics to be discussed about the selection of party office-holders and the matter would be given final shape in the meeting tomorrow.

According to him, intense discussions were held regarding nomination of office-bearers in the meeting today.

“It’s not that the office-bearers could not be selected due to the dispute. The meeting held intense discussion on selection of party office-bearers and programmes. There are no more topics to be discussed and the meeting scheduled for 1 pm tomorrow will finalize this matter,” he elaborated. 

The Maoist Center which held its Eighth General Convention in December 2021 has not been able to elect the party’s office-bearers except the Chairperson. However, a meeting of the party held some days back finalized 41-member standing committee, 125-member politburo and 375-member central committee.  

A meeting of the party scheduled on Thursday morning to give full shape to the organizational structure including the office-bearers was postponed for 4pm the same day. The meeting did not take place at 4pm as well and it was deferred to 6 pm.

However, the meeting scheduled for 6 pm could not be held as the party top leaders as well as  the standing committee members remained busy in discussions and voting on the Citizenship Bill in the parliament, so the meeting was also postponed for today morning.