TU demands security from the government

NL Today

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The Tribhuvan University has demanded the government’s security stating that it has been receiving threats from a student union. 

The TU in a statement accused the Nepal Students Union, Kirtipur of issuing threats to TU staff, office bearers and employees and to padlock, vandalize and encircle it. It has also created obstructions in TU’s daily administrative work by barging into the office, it blamed.  

“Main administrative building of the central office has been padlocked. As a result, TU’s day-to-day official work has come to a halt. It has appealed to the Ministry of Home Affairs to take necessary action against the group that is trying to take the TU hostage through a padlocking, and manage security personnel and provide security,” read the statement.  

Similarly, as a result of the padlocking of the account section, TU, college staff and employees across the country under the TU have been deprived of salaries for two months, according to the statement. Also, retired college staff and employees have also been deprived of pension and gratuity.