Kanchanpur sees high risk of dengue outbreak, shortage of testing kit

NL Today

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Mahendranagar: Kanchanpur district has witnessed an increasing risk of the dengue virus outbreak. According to the District Health Office, high risk is looming large in the district with the detection of mosquitoes’ larva that can transmit the dengue virus.

As shared, four out of 20 tested were diagnosed with dengue in Dodhara-Chadani municipality last week.
Chief of Municipality Health Section Jaya Bahadur Mahara informed that four India returnees were detected with dengue. “Three men and a woman were diagnosed with dengue transmission”, he said, adding, “The dengue-infected men had returned from India while the father and brother of the infected woman were also India returnees”.

Dodhara-Chadani is the territory of Nepal sharing an open border with India. Chances of dengue transmission are high here due to the frequent mobility of the people across the border.

Dengue is transmitted through the bites of Aedes Argypti and Aedes albopictus.

Despite the rise in the cases, the health facilities here have come across a shortage of testing kits, the office sources said.

Medical Superintendant of Mahakali Province Hospital, Dr Arjun Bhatta said the number of patients with Malaria and dengue has increased in the hospital of late. “There is an immoderate rise of patients with viral fever in the hospital”, he shared. RSS