Traders in difficulty as transit points on the northern border remain shut

Nepal-China border . Photo: Xinhua

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Nepali Congress lawmaker Sujata Koirala has expressed concern, saying trade and business has been affected as the transit points on the northern border of the country have remained closed for long time.

She has urged the government to address this problem through diplomatic dialogue with the northern neighbour. Taking time from the Speaker in the meeting of the House of Representatives today, Koirala drew the government’s attention and urged it to take initiatives to resolve the problem since the halting of goods imported for the festive season for long at transit points has put the businessmen and traders in difficulty.

Also a former Minister for Foreign Affairs, lawmaker Koirala stressed the need of promoting a neutral foreign policy and the established norms and values of Nepal. Why a new stock exchange? Meanwhile, speaking in the meeting of the House of Representatives today, lawmakers have called attention of the government on contemporary national and international issues.

They complained that the farmers were not getting seeds and fertilizers on time and urged the government to wake up and do something to tackle this issue. Krishna Prasad Dahal stressed on the need of strengthening the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited currently in operation in the country and making it further effective. He said a new stock exchange is not necessary at present as the country’s capital market is not in a position to cope up with a new stock exchange.

As he said, the stock transaction is decreasing and was squeezing down to Rs 1 billion. He alleged that permission was being given for opening a new stock exchange in an unauthorized manner and the government was making a wrong decision. Khem Prasad Lohani called for making the post-earthquake reconstruction works systematic and addressing the problems of the earthquake-affected people.

He said works on construction of houses of some 40,000 earthquake-affected citizens were not completed. Gajendra Bahadur Mahat expressed objection to the statement made by the suspended Chief Justice who is facing impeachment charges was not fit for the decorum of his post. Ganesh Prasad Pahadi said the life of the people was affected in Sindhuli district as the various rivers in the district have eroded and swept away structures in many settlements, drawing the government’s attention to immediately make arrangements for the construction of embankments.

Ghanashyam Khatiwada complained that the genuine farmers were not getting the subsidies and relief announced for them by the government. Krishna Bhakta Pokharel said that the Citizenship Bill should have been actually passed by the parliament forging a national consensus and took exception to the way it was passed and ratified. RSS