CFRD distributes food relief packages to children and families affected by Covid-19 pandemic

Through a project funded by the Chinese Government, the Global Development and South-South Cooperation Fund, and China NGO Network for International Exchange, CFRD aims at providing support to families reeling under extreme poverty.

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Kathmandu: China Foundation for Rural Development (CFRD), a non-profit organization working on rural development in China and abroad, has been distributing food relief packages to underprivileged families and school children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in different parts of Nepal. 

Launched through a formal ceremony at Shree Balkumari Secondary School, Kirtipur, the project plans to distribute basic food materials to as many as 3,600 people reeling under poverty, according to the organization.

“The food relief package includes essential food items such as rice, cooking oil, and pulse to targeted families,” CRDF Kathmandu office said. “The package is designed aiming to fulfill food sufficiency for two months.”

Zou Zhiqiang, Country Director for CFRD Nepal, stated that the food packages under the project are distributed through 22 community schools from four districts Dolakha, Kathmandu, Mahottari and Saptari. “Nepalis are going to celebrate their biggest annual festival Dashain and Tihar very soon. We believe that the support will be a relief for families reeling under poverty and hunger,” she added, wishing all Nepalis a prosperous and joyful festive celebration.

The CFRD project in Nepal aims at alleviating the problem of hunger faced by poor children and families in the country and helping them grow up healthily. The project also anticipates that the friendship of the Chinese people will be delivered to strengthen people to people relations, the organization said. “The project also conveys the love of the Chinese people and friends, and intensifies the people to people communication and relation.”

The food distribution program is a subprogram of the ‘International Smiling Children Program’ and funded by the Chinese Government, The Global Development and South South Cooperation Fund and China NGO Network for International Exchange.