In Photos: Rani Pokhari opens for Bhai Tika

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Those who do not have sisters and brothers or any siblings received tika at the Balgopaleshwor Temple in the Rani Pokhari premises on the occasion of Bhai Tika, the fifth day of the Tihar festival. 

The temple is only open for a day on the occasion of Bhai Tika.

On the fifth day of Tihar also known as Yamapanchak, sisters wish their brothers long life, health and wealth with respect, faith and loyalty by putting Pancharangi or Saptarangi tika as per age-old traditions.

On the occasion of Bhai Tika, Nepalis, who do not have brothers and sisters, receive tika from strangers at the historic temple. 

After sisters put tika on their brothers’ forehead, brothers also put tika to their sisters. It is widely believed that worshiping one’s sisters leads to good luck and prosperity.

Here are some of the photos taken by Nepal Live Today’s Manish Aryal of people offering and receiving tika at the Balgopaleshwor Temple.