Latest vote counting update of Kailali: Nagarik Unmukti party leads in Kailali 1, 2 and 3

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Candidates of the Nagarik Unmukti Party are leading the vote count in constituencies 1, 2 and 3 of the House of Representatives in Kailali.

According to the latest vote counting results, Ranjita Shrestha Chaudhary of the Party has secured 4,578 votes in constituency one, who is followed by Ramjanam Chaudhary of Nepali Congress with 3,000 votes.

Likewise, Arun Kumar Chaudhary of the same Party is ahead with 1,488 votes in constituency two followed by Bhagat Baduwal of the CPN-Maoist Center with 866 votes.

In constituency no. 3, the Party’s Gangaram Choudhary received 13,858 votes followed by Krishna Kumar Chaudhary of CPN Maoist Center with 11.162 votes.

Meanwhile in Constituency No. 4 of the district, , CPN-UML’s Lekhraj Bhatt is ahead of Bir Bahadur Balayar of Congress. Balayar secured 3,473 votes while Bhatt got 3,494 votes.

According to the office of the returning officer, the counting of votes in Constituency 5 just started at 8 am this morning. There was a dispute over the procedure in the counting of the ballot papers, which was finally resolved through an all party meeting.