Rabindra Mishra thanks voters, announces welfare fund for Kathmandu-1

“The election battle of Kathmandu-1 was not just a battle, it was a battle-royal,” Mishra has said in his statement.

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Kathmandu: Rabindra Mishra, a former BBC journalist who lost the House of Representatives election from Kathmandu-1, has expressed thanks to the voters of his constituency and congratulated Prakash Man Singh,  Nepali Congress leader and his rival from the constituency. 

“I am disappointed that I lost the election with a slim margin of 125 votes but I have become more committed in my journey of transforming the country and the society than ever before,” said Mishra issuing a statement on Tuesday.  “I will keep the trust of the votes I received despite my politics of the last five years full of roller-coaster, adversity and beleaguerment.”

Mishra says he is firm in his belief that he does not ask for votes with lies and does not indulge in politics that helps him win the election but that proves to be a loss for the nation. “The votes I received are the votes of faith in my principle. I extend deep gratitude to my voters and wellwishers for this trust,” Mishra has said. “The election battle of Kathmandu-1 was not just a battle, it was a battle-royal,” he has said.

Mishra has said that he lost both elections of 2017 and the current one with narrow margin adding that he has not been able to do much for the voters of the constituency who reposed so much faith in him.

Mishra has announced plans to create Kathmandu-1 Welfare Fund (Sarokar Kosh) with the seed money of Rs 2.5 million, part of which will be generated from the copyright from his two books Bichar Bhandra Mathi Des and Rajnitisangai Rajkaj, while also contributing fund to it personally.  “This will give peace of mind,” he said.

While recalling how he Help Nepal Network, the philanthropic organization he initiated with small amount of seed money,  grew to become an influential organization executing a lot of philanthropic works,  he has expressed the hope that Kathmandu-1 Welfare Fund will also evolve as the organization able to carry out nobel works in ward numbers 10,11, 29, 31, the areas that Kathmandu constituency-1 comprises of. “People residing in various parts of the world can contribute to this fund,” Mishra has said in his statement.