American Artists to Join Street Art Projects in Nepal

NL Today

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Kathmandu: The United States Embassy in Kathmandu welcomes renowned street artist Alejandro Poli Jr. (“Man One”) from Los Angeles, California, for a twelve-day program to promote and celebrate the voices of minority and socially excluded communities, the Embassy said.

In collaboration with Nepali art collective, Artudio, Man One will collaborate with local artist in Kathmandu and Janakpur and organize a street art project to showcase Nepal’s vibrant multicultural society through art.

A group of Nepali muralists, graffiti artists, folk, traditional artists, and creative practitioners, will participate in a live art showcase November 28. Next week, Nepali artists will jointly work on a final mural design with Man One that captures visions for minority inclusion. A final large-scale mural will be revealed December 9.

During the art envoy’s stay, Man One will also conduct interactive lectures on the themes of social inclusion and equity and share both their own work and the history of graffiti as “protest art.”

Several Nepali artists participating in the program are Bishal Manandhar, Ishan Rai, Khem Bahadur Palpali, Kiran Maharjan, Komal Purbey, Manisha Shah, Sarita Mandal, Suchin Shrestha, Sudeep Balla and Tseten Sherpa.