China to pursue BRI cooperation with new Nepal government

With the concerted efforts of Nepal government and through consultation and coordination of various political forces, Nepal will enjoy stability and development, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said.

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Kathmandu: China has said that it looks forward to working together with the new government in Nepal to pursue Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects.  Since Nepal signed the BRI agreement with China in 2017, there has been no progress in any of the projects.

While addressing the regular press conference on Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning said as Nepal’s traditional friend and neighbor, China deeply values its relations with Nepal. “We stand ready to work with the new Nepalese government to expand and deepen friendly exchange and cooperation across the board, pursue high-quality Belt and Road cooperation, inject new impetus into our strategic cooperative partnership featuring ever-lasting friendship for development and prosperity and deliver more benefits for our two peoples,” said the spokesperson.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson also congratulated Prachanda on becoming the new PM of Nepal. “We congratulate Mr. Prachanda on his appointment as the new Prime Minister of Nepal. We believe that with the concerted efforts of the Nepalese government and people and through the consultation and coordination of various political parties and political forces, Nepal will enjoy continued stability and socioeconomic development,” the spokesperson said.

China was the first country to extend message of congratulations to Prachanda. Soon after he was appointed the PM, Spokesperson of Chinese embassy in Kathmandu had congratulated Prachanda on Sunday. “Warmly congratulate Chairman Prachanda on being appointed as 44th Prime Minister of Nepal,” wrote Spokesperson of Chinese embassy in Kathmandu on Twitter.