RSP minister criticized for conflict of interest

Newly emerged political force Rastriya Swatrantra Party is heavily criticized on social media for sending a remittance company CEO to handle the Ministry for labor, employment and social security.

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Kathmandu: Rashtriya Swatantra Party has been heavily criticized for inducting Dol Prasad Aryal, who is also the chief of a remittance company, as the Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security. 

The official website of EasyLink Remittance, a private remittance company, still shows him as the Chief Executive Officer. 

A party that was expected to lead by example has been questioned over the issue of conflict of interest. 

In Nepal, most of migrant workers send remittances using remittance services provided by companies.

RTI activist Taranath Dahal writes on Twitter: “Conflict of interest issue has been totally ignored.  To lead a ministry that is connected with one’s private business smacks of intention for corruption. It is unfortunate that parties like RPP and RSP are seen more in this bad culture. Nothing could be more insane than talking about good governance in this country.” 

Dr Nirmal Kandel also raises a question of conflict of interest. He writes: Are all members of this party stuck in the quagmire of conflict of interest? Or I misunderstood?”

Dol Prasad Aryal was nominated as the member of parliament from RSP from the proportional representation category.