Nepal won’t play any card against its neighbors, says UML chief Oli

NL Today

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Kathmandu: Former Prime Minister and CPN-UML chair K P Sharma Oli, who is a major actor in the coalition government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal, has said that Nepal does not play any card against any of its neighbors.

We have made it clear that we do not play any card against our two neighbors. We don’t play one card against another. Our relations with the neighbors are credible, balanced and reliable. It is not like you say one thing in public and do something else in practice, Oli said. 

Oli, who is also the coordinator of the high-level political mechanism formed to advise the government, was addressing an orientation program held by CPN-UML’s Foreign Affairs division on Friday. 

Oli also made it clear that no country should wish ill of others, especially when they are neighbors.

“You do not become a good neighbor, if you cause harm to neighbors,” said Oli. “We want to become a good neighbor to our neighbors. We wish them well,” Oli said. He said that Nepal wants to move forward by addressing the legitimate concerns of the neighbors. “We want to move forward by wishing well of our neighbors, by assisting them and by addressing their legitimate concerns,” Oli said.