Additional five cases of measles confirmed in Surkhet

The recent cases have raised a question whether Nepal can eliminate measles by 2023 as planned.

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Surkhet: At least five cases of measles have been confirmed in Surkhet. 

The infected are the residents of three local level units of the district.

According to Padma Bahadur KC, information officer of the Province Health Directorate, three persons from Birendranagar Municipality and one each from Gurbhakot and Chingad rural municipalities were found infected with measles.

As the cases of measles are on the rise in the region, KC urged the general public to adopt cautionary measures to protect from the infection. 

With the confirmation of measles cases in different places, the province health directorate has intensified the test and vaccination drive.

Low vaccination coverage and failure to meet the full cycle of immunization are believed to be the cause of outbreaks time and again.